WebAssembly Music on NEAR protocol

Everything you see and hear here is stored in a smart contract on the NEAR protocol blockchain. The instruments are generated in real time from tiny WebAssembly programs suitable for storing directly on-chain. Web app content for playing, mixing and editing music is also stored in the same smart contract.
This means that the lifespan of what you find here does not depend on some maintainer subscribing to cloud or hosting services, but rather on the blockchain.

January 2022

Shader demo

one 46 kb HTML file containing music, instruments and webgl shaders. everything stored on chain. check out the shader demo. The scrolltext lists all token holders here, so you can get any NFT from this site and you'll be listed there. Token holders are listed in the order of the token id, and the very first on-chain music NFT on NEAR is still available here.

Get your NFTs visible in the NEAR wallet

When this smart contract there were no support for showing collectibles in the NEAR wallet. Now that there is, you may also see collectibles from here if you call the nft_ping_wallet function on this smart contract.

Click here to make your NEAR wallet aware of collectibles from this contract. After the transaction is completed, go to wallet.near.org to see your collectibles.

November 2021

Music from NEARCON 2021

And also a player that will cycle through some of the music NFTs in this contract.

July 2021

Music space trail

A little exhibition exclusively on NEAR. Follow the music space trail, and see every tone coming towards you and pass by. There are two NFTs involved, the instruments and the composition. Visiting costs two credits, you can buy credits after logging in.

May / June 2021

Short editable music NFTs

Use the pianoroll, a computer or midi-keyboard to create/record music. The instrument kit is stored as a WebAssembly binary on NEAR. Publish your track, get 4 (out of 10) NEAR for the first sale, and 2% for re-sales. See the demo on youtube.

April 2021

Remixable WebAssembly music

Create remixes of the music and post them for sale. Remixes can be posted, and will replace the unsold, as long as less than 20 are sold. When 20 are sold, no more remixes can be posted.

March 2021

The second WebAssembly music NFT on NEAR

Now with a player in the browser, and also with a mixer UI. The owner may generate and download a WAV file in the browser.

February 2021

The first WebAssembly music NFT on NEAR

An tiny executable file, stored on the blockchain. The owner can download and run the file to create an audio file for the music.