Music stored on-chain as Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Welcome to the first music stored in a blockchain as a Non-Fungle Token (NFT).


If you decide to buy this, you are accepting the NFT license. Make sure to read it carefully.

About the music

The track, which you can listen to at soundcloud (and other places), was one of the first pieces of music rendered to an "executable" WebAssembly binary. By using a WebAssembly runtime to execute the wasm binary file, you will get raw audio data in the output that you can open in an audio editor. This was demonstrated at the WebAssembly Summit 2020. Instructions can also be found in the zip file that is available for download from this web-page to the token owner.

What do I get when buying this?

Note that since this is stored on-chain, it is not protected from others to see or get. However you'll get the rights as found in the LICENSE.txt file that is part of the zip archive stored with this NFT. Also the smart contract will recognize your account as the owner of the NFT. The source code of the smart contract can be found here

Status and action

The NFT is currently owned by: